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My career has allowed me to develop extensive skills in sales, customer development, product development, leadership, and operations. I specialize in business development, taking ideas to scale, helping companies build scalable sales strategies.

In 2014, I co-produced/hosted Fail Fest (an event to celebrate the role that failure plays in innovation) and the FATWIN software that I helped create at PERQ won the 2014 Mira Award for Marketing Technology of the Year.

Sales/Business Development
Customer Development
Product Development
Social Media Marketing
Management/ Operations


KSM Consulting - Business Development Manager

December 2015 - May 2016

In December of 2015, I joined the team at KSMC as their first employee to build and grow a business development practice. In May, the decision was made to continue bringing on new business through referral only and my role was eliminated.

Lessons Learned: Communication with business leaders regarding expectations and progress should occur more often. Networking, penetrating, and selling into I.T. divisions.

Official - Co-founder, CEO

July 2015 - Present

In July of 2015, a small team set out to use our experiences and skills to provide sports officials with software that would allow them to manage and promote their officiating business better. Our first product solves the problems with income and expense tracking and has been an absolute blast to work on.

URL: www.officialapp.co

Launch Fishers & Launch Indiana - Entrepreneurial Services Director


My role for Launch Fishers and Launch Indiana consists of managing our coworking facility (Launch Fishers), directing Launch Indiana (a state funded initiative to increase the chances of success for innovation-driven entrepreneurs and businesses), entrepreneur in residence (EIR) helping businesses build scalable sales strategies and general mentoring, lead sponsorship for Launch Fishers by cold calling and closing, and being a "lieutenant" for our founder in all areas that he is responsible for.

Skills Learned: Selling in a sponsorship setting, selling in a membership setting, selling and presenting initiatives to government officials, innovation eco-system building, operations, time-management, working with government officials and funding, management, hiring, firing, and mentoring in an EIR setting.

PERQ - Officer, Product Development, Business Development Manager - Retail & New Markets

2012 - 2014

PERQ was my first stab at Intrapreneurship and was a tremendous self-esteem booster from my previous entrepreneurial failure. My responsibilities were to secure market fit, pricing, and features for a new product idea. My sales background was very helpful in assisting placement for our product in the Retail and Restaurant industries. After helping lead the product team to build the features needs we uncovered, I switched my focus to scaling the product and sales team for retail and helped train our automotive sales staff on how to utilize the product for their clients as well. My time there ended solely because we chose to re-write the software, which paused potential sales for over 12 months.

Lessons Learned: How to function as an entrepreneur in a corporate setting, customer development, product development, building a scalable sales strategy, cold calling and networking into c-level roles at national and regional retail organizations, hiring, firing, and establishing quotas.

Awards: TechPoint Mira Award for Marketing Technology of the Year and Top 50 Business Connector for Indiana.

The Tyros - Founder, CEO, VP of Sales and Product Development


The Tyros was my first stab entrepreneurship and was my biggest career failure. I found out quickly what I was made of, what I liked, and what I did not like in becoming an entrepreneur and I made every mistake in the book. There is absolutely no way possible to fit every lesson learned from this experience in one section, but here is a stab at a few.

Lessons Learned: Raising investment, product development, customer development, building scalable sales strategies, hiring, firing, payroll, operations, how to handle a bruised ego.

Monster.com - Sr. Internet Recruiting Consultant


Monster.com was the pillar of my sales experience and sales knowledge. Rotating responsibilities included cold calling new customers, retaining and growing current business, and winning back lost business.

Awards: I made Presidents Club in 2007 (ranked 2 out of 101 reps) and 2010 (ranked 6 out of 80 reps), was a 3-time MVP in Indianapolis, and was responsible for over 1M in business from 2006-2010.

Skills Learned: Cold Calling, acquisition, retention, business acumen, selling above the power line, getting past gate keepers, time management, organization, and making 75+ dials a day.

One-View - Inside Sales


At One-View, I was responsible for selling tracking software in the automotive space for the New York area. This role was 100% acquisition and cold calling was the main lead generation tool. A minimum of 75 dials per day generally resulted in 2-3 demonstrations via screen sharing daily.

Lessons/Skills Learned: Cold calling, situation handling, time-management, quota tracking, listening, buying questions, how not to run a sales team, how to work in an environment where micro- management was the leadership strategy.

Communications Management Inc. - B2B Sales Consultant, Sales Trainer


As an associate, I started my sales experience in our retail locations with a small quote of B2B sales leads of cellular phones. Within three months, I was leading our entire sales staff in sales and promoted to our B2B Sales Consultant. After a year of as our B2B Sales Consultant I was given the extra responsibility of training our sales staff in both Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Skills Learned: Professionalism, listening, recognizing buying questions, problem solving skills, organization, leadership, and time management.

Baseball Umpire (NCAA)

1996 - Present

I have officiated baseball since the age of 14. Currently, I officiate NCAA (Division I) down to youth. This experience helps keep me polished on problem solving, relationship building, conflict resolution, and professionalism.

Skills Learned: Situation handling, conflict resolution, and thinking quickly in high level competitive situations.

NCAA Post Season Experience: 2015 - Division II GLVC Conference Tournament, 2016 - NAIA Crossroads Conference Championship.



Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Major: New Media - Photoshop, Flash, Adobe, Marketing, and more.


  • "Tony is a true sales professional. He learns the business and challenges of clients and works to always provide effective solutions. I have been very impressed with his account management skills and ability to retain customers. Tony develops great relationship because of his outgoing personality and always puts his customers first."

    Anthony Braun / Monster.com
  • "Tony is an extremely well connected, respected and motivating leader here in the Indianapolis area. It was a pleasure working with Tony to establish my brand when I was searching for jobs. His recommendations and referrals were useful & helpful and I probably wouldn't have gotten a job if not for his investment in me. Tony was willing to go the extra mile for me and that story has rang true for anyone I've encountered who's worked with Tony. Great guy to know."

    Dante Cook / Entrepreneur & Coach
  • "Tony has the rare ability of vision combined with execution. This combination allows him to drive a start-up forward from theory into reality. He in an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, with an incredible ability to network and a personal hunger to learn from every individual he meets."

    Scott Hill / Co-Founder - PERQ
  • "Tony is a passionate and charismatic entrepreneur. His excitement and conviction is infectious – which has enabled him to inspire others and attract terrific partners. He is coachable, level-headed, and determined; all critical ingredients for successful entrepreneurship."

    Kristian Andersen / Designer - Founder - Investor
  • "Tony has a superior understanding of what business is in the new era of sales and marketing is and a unique desire and ability to help others translate that into action and results. Flat out, the man knows what he is talking about. Tony has been a fantastic mentor for me and would be a huge asset to any organization, start-up or individual."

    Larry Craig / PERQ

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